The Esoterics of Patterning

(Covered in the series so far)

1. Absolute Being is the entire concept of actuality. Corollary: Absolutely Being is the exact form, material composition and position in space as modified by time.

2. Patterns lie within the boundaries of Absolute Being.

3. The wielding of Form must encapsulate Absolute Being.

4. Time results from the application of an intention that matter and space will persist. Thus, time and space are monitored by Absolute Being.

5. Absolute Being must equal the scope of a wielder’s concept of effect.

6. Absolute Being is necessary to the creation of space. Corollary: Energy cannot exist without Absolute Being.

7. Solidity is monitored by Absolute Being.

8. Absolute causation is fundamental to Absolute Being.

9. Pure concept always overwhelms linear translation.

11. A wielder is limited by what he can envision himself envisioning.

12. Space, energy, time and form are the result of thought applied as intention.

13. Energy can be unmade only within the space of Absolute Being; corollary: a wielder can unmake his own energy but not the energy of another.

14. Exact duplicating thought, with the same energy, in the same time, will nullify reality and actuality.

15. Doubt of intention results in diminished effect on a gradient scale.

16. Intent determines causation.

20. The strands are divisions of energy as applied towards creation of life, form, time, thought, elements. Thus, all Laws of Patterning follow also the laws of energy.

21. Actuality is monitored by the wielder’s point of view. Reality is monitored by collective thought agreement.

22. Illusion becomes reality when a) collective agreement is achieved on the existence of the illusion and b) when enough agree that the illusion should persist.

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