Laws of Patterning

First Law:  KNOW the effect you intend to create.

Second Law:  What applies to one applies to all.

Third Law:  Create newly each effect.

Fourth Law:  Positive determinism is necessary to achieve the intended effect.

Fifth Law:  A wielder is limited by what he can envision.

Sixth Law:  Energy responds to positive thought. Corollary: Patterning is most effective at the level of thought.

Seventh Law:  A wielder succeeds in the alteration of energy, space and time in inverse proportion to his agreement with the material universe.

Eighth Law:  All patterns are the result of effort channeled along a specific vector; thus, patterns are the product of force.

Ninth Law:  Do not counter force with force; channel it.

Tenth Law:  Energy cannot be unmade, merely transformed.

Eleventh Law:  All things are formed of patterns.

Twelfth Law:  A pattern need not be perfect, but the wielder’s concept of it must be.

Thirteenth Law:  Intention monitors solidity, solidity monitors structure.

Fourteenth Law:  Exact duplicating forces, in opposition, will nullify structure.

Fifteenth Law:  Talismans magnify intent.

Sixteenth Law:  Talismans form the bridge of cause and effect.

Seventeenth Law:  The use of talismans must focus force without limiting scope.

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